A smart and modern furniture solution

The structure which forms an electrical circuit inside the piece of furniture, consists of 2–3 separate power conducting elements, which are “live”, “neutral” and, if necessary, “earth”. Depending on the product, electricity can be brought, for example, to the surface of a piece of furniture via a connection box and taken out via a socket connected to it. The structural elements are connected electrically to each other, if necessary, and they allow the electricity to flow in and out. The adaptors designed for connecting the modules help to create a solid whole, depending on the application.

Surface material suitable for office furniture?

The surface material used is typically a rolled up mat that, when opened, attaches to the metal frame magnetically. This consumer material can be replaced without the need to buy new furniture. The surface material can also be custom-designed for the furniture and in a pattern chosen by the customer. There are various surface materials available, such as leather, veneer and textiles, as well as patterns and colours to suit the customer’s brand. The freedom of design is important especially in furniture used at a trade fair.


Can any voltage be fed into the structure?

This technology makes it possible to use any operating voltage, from low DC voltage to traditional mains voltage, and even larger current when this technology is utilised, for example, in workshops. Our innovation, which we are protecting carefully, does not eliminate any possibilities, but all smart devices typically require only low DC voltage to work. This technology creates an electrical network that can be used with various voltages according to the requirements of the application. For example, wall, ceiling or roof elements can be made into a separate network to conduct solar electricity collected by an exterior PV (photo voltaic) system.

Is the voltage transmitted by the furniture sufficient for all devices?

The structure is made up of metal blanks that conduct electricity, typically steel or aluminium. In the interface of the modules, the conductor area of the components is many times that of traditional electrical cables. This means that any voltage drops formed inside the structure are negligible and therefore the structure is well able to support the coupling of numerous electrical devices into the same piece of furniture.


Is this product a safe electrical device?

Our goal is to make only safe electrical devices. We ensure that the electrical safety of our products complies with the current requirements and legislation, while at the same time investing in the ease of use of the technology and the mechanical features of the structures, taking safety carefully into account.