This new technology will take the world by storm

Do you want to be a part of a unique story of technical advancements and success, one that is taking the world by storm? This technology used in furnishing and building is protected with two key patents in Finland. In future, these patents will cover Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and India.


Why do customers want this product?

The ease of installation saves customers time and money, employees feel more comfortable in modern, stylish offices and cleaning costs are reduced as cleaning becomes easier. Thanks to our modular, electricity-conducting solutions, business premises can be easily modified and even moved from one place to another according to need.

What makes cooperation with Absolute Module worthwhile?

Absolute Module offers a complete design service to incorporate the technology into our partner’s own products, meaning that the partner company’s own investment is moderate. The cooperation is extremely easy to start. Our potential partners have been very interested in the possibilities offered by this technology and once the collaboration is begun, the technology will revolutionise the industry, raising it irrevocably to a higher level.

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