Be bold and become our partner

Absolute Module is seeking partners who are interested in the possibilities created by wireless electrification. We are ready for bold current spikes and eager to promote a new kind of building culture. Our operating area is the whole world.

We are looking for investors

Let’s work together to make furnishing and construction smarter. Or let’s lead the wireless electrical network to new innovations. If you invest in Absolute Module, you will become a part of the story of technical advancements and success that will make everyday life in the office smooth and easy. Let’s network and take electricity to the modern day!

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How is the innovation protected?

The innovation has already been patented with two key patents with extensive scope of protection in Finland, and national patent applications are pending in Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and India.

Who are the core people in the company?

Our shareholders are professionals of various sectors, which gives us strength and know-how. In our company, we have product and technology development experts, a patent agent and an IPR coordinator, a financial administration professional and two exceptionally successful entrepreneurs.

What is Absolute Module’s strategy?

To protect the innovation with a high-quality patent portfolio and integrate it at the level of various product concepts, which will prove that the technology works as a structure; to bring operating voltage to furniture and building elements, and to ensure the product’s operational safety. Our business strategy is founded on the licensing of industrial property rights to manufacturers of structures and office furniture who are able to productise the invention into large-scale production. Another significant business opportunity is to launch our own Absolute Module product families for selected industries.

What kind of returns can investors expect?

This is a technology that is internationally unique and totally pioneering, and it offers us the chance to stand out from our competitors. We are taking things to a whole new level. Our potential partners are eager to work with us and, with their help, the company’s net asset value will multiply quickly. We are looking for venture capitalists who are bold and visionary and who can see the great opportunities this invention offers both financially and technologically.