Insightful trendsetter for electricity distribution

Which of us hasn’t at one time or another complained about the mess of electric cables curled under the desk? Not to mention the jumble of cords under the meeting room table! Electric cables are difficult to clean around and make the room look ugly and messy. These mundane annoyances were the spark for the birth of Absolute Module. What if electricity could travel more smoothly inside desks, walls and ceiling structures?

A wireless office

The innovation patented by Absolute Module turns a room or space into a network where electricity flows, safely hidden, inside the structures. Electricity is conducted through the structure, such as a desk, wall or ceiling. This provides an almost unlimited number of sockets, with monitors, computers and other electronic devices safely connected straight to the furniture without separate wiring or electrical installations. This means freedom to design the modern office. In future, by developing the power supply to electrical devices, terminal endpoint identifiers and enclosures, these can be connected directly into the structures without separate cables.


Can it be called a wireless office when computers still need an electric cable?

We provide the building platform that will make wireless premises possible. Today we still need electric cables to connect equipment to the structures but, in the foreseeable future, as advances are made in equipment design, it will be possible to connect devices directly to the operating voltage of a piece of furniture utilising the More technology. Electrical devices are attached and plugged into the structures simultaneously using the device’s own mounting screws. They are used, for example, to plug light fittings on the meeting room table directly into the electronic circuit.

What practical problems does the innovation solve?

It makes the office and desks tidier and clearer, makes premises more easily adaptable and reduces the need for electrical installations.