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Absolute Module disrupt the way to electrify buildings.
We help construction companies and end users to save time and reduce costs.
On top we can offer flexibility that has not been possible before.

Absolute Module changes the way of doing electrical installations

Absolute Module´s patented technology transforms gypsum boards to multifunctional structure. Solution provides electricity supply into the wall and ceiling boards, without cables. Our solution changes the way of doing electrical installations. Traditionally electrician have had up to three steps in installation. With the Absolute Module the number of steps is reduced from three to even one. The electrician can add the right number of sockets in the right places at the end of the construction project.

Eliminating need for electrical cables not only save time and cost, but also provides freedom for installation of electrical sockets during the lifetime of the construction. Absolute Module solution open entirely new possibilities for design and building process innovation.

New technology

Current installation methods

  • Fixed cables inside the structure
  • Non-flexible socket designs
  • Time-consuming and expensive installation
  • Difficult and expensive to add sockets

Absolute Module technology

  • Cable free electrical installation
  • Freedom of design in socket placements
  • Fast and cost effective installation
  • Easy to instal more sockets
1. Window opening

Easy to cut different shapes and holes

2. Basic Gypsum boards

Can be installed places where electricity is not needed

3. AM-board 25
4. Free placing of sockets to AM-P- Board 25
5. Flush and surface mounting sockets
6. Electricity runs via the mounting screws from


Absolute Module is a technology company. Our goal is to disrupt the traditional way of electrifying buildings.

Chairman of the Board, partner

Tero Luoma

+358 400 918 288

+358 400 918 288

Head Designer, founder

Teppei Morimoto

+358 45 7872 5320

+358 45 7872 5320